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General / Overview

What is LÜK?

LÜK is the easiest way to book agency-represented talent. LÜK allows you to see a diverse range of talent from 150+ agencies in one package, with only one point of contact. How does it work? You’re assigned a personal booking specialist (a real person) that works with you from start to finish and handles castings, availability checks, digital/polaroid requests, and streamlines your billing so you don’t have to.
LÜK is a time saver for anyone who books models at fashion brands, beauty brands, creative agencies, and production companies. LÜK is used by content producers, art directors, and creative directors from brands like Saks Fifth Avenue, Estée Lauder, and Lululemon.
On average, LÜK saves clients 15 hours per shoot! Some clients say LÜK saves them 'days worth of work'. LÜK combines the human touch of a personal booking specialist with the speed of technology to create the ultimate booking experience.
LÜK works with top modeling agencies in every major city across the US, with major hubs in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Portland, and Dallas.
Our services vary according to the type of client, whether production company, brand, or casting agency. Book a demo with us today to see which pricing structure works best for your needs.
The difference between LÜK and a casting agency is that we don’t make selects for you. LÜK simply provides you with every talent option from major talent agencies in one package. You have complete creative control of your selects, and we’re here to help every step of the way.
We are not a modeling agency and do not represent any talent, but we work directly with 150+ agencies to provide you with diverse, professional talent.
LÜK works with over 150 talent agencies (from the biggest agencies to the smaller boutique agencies) to give you access to the most diverse range of talent, anywhere. Leave no stone unturned! 🕵️‍♀️
Yes! Your LÜK specialist will reach out to your favorite agents for you on your behalf. Then, we’ll reach out to the remaining agencies in our network to provide you with one complete package of talent from every agency.
More agencies means more diversity. 🤗 We have over 15,000 agency represented talent in our network, which gives you access to to all different ethnicities, sizes, ages, and everything in between.

How it Works

  1. Schedule your onboarding session with LÜK’s customer success team. Schedule here!
  2. LÜK gathers the details of your shoot, educates you on how to use our in-package tools, and introduces you to your personal LÜK booking specialist.
  3. Your booking specialist will deliver a package of curated talent from every agency and you can start making your selects.
An industry professional who has a deep understanding of booking talent that assists you with every step of your booking:

✅ Combines talent from every agency into one package

✅ Sets up castings (digital or in person)

✅ Checks talent availabilities

✅ Collects digitals/self-tapes from your favorites

✅ Unifies billing into one invoice

At LÜK, you only have to communicate with your personal booking specialist for anything that you need for your shoot. Your specialist will handle all communications with agencies and models.
A model package with options from every agency, all in one. LÜK’s Multi-Agency Package™ separates talent into categories and allows you to navigate multiple talent types in one package (i.e. Asian Female, Athletic Male, Plus Size, Young Girl 9-12 years old, etc.). Learn more about LÜK's Multi-Agency Package™ here.
Nope, that would be too many models! Talent agents submit handpicked models based on your specs, rates, and usage.
No problem, we make it really easy. Your personal LÜK booking specialist handles all the details, and can set up digital or in-person castings.
LÜK Studio is our 4,000 square foot photo studio located in downtown Los Angeles. It’s available to rent for shoots and is complementary to host castings when booking with LÜK.
😎Just let your LÜK booking specialist know and they will confirm them for you.
We only work with agency-represented talent to ensure that you only receive the highest quality talent. Our minimum rates vary according to talent type, usage, and location. Get in touch to learn more.
Great! We adapt to how you prefer to work. Your personal LÜK booking specialist will reach out to those agencies on your behalf. In addition, LÜK can contact the other 150+ agencies in our network to provide a more diverse range of talent in one package.
That’s great that you loved your model! LÜK can take care of re-booking and billing for you.

For Clients

Refer a company to LÜK and get paid $500 upon their first booking.

With confirmed bookings, any cancellation within:

48 hours of the shoot: Half fee.

24 hours of the shoot: Full fee.

Any travel expenses (e.g., hotel, flights, gas, rental car, etc.) are to be reimbursed by the client if the booking is canceled any time after the confirmation of booking.

Force Majeure Cancellations:

Cancellations made within 48 hours of the shoot: Half fee.

Service Days to be performed on the next mutually convenient date at the full fee.

Any service days not rescheduled will be charged at the full fee.


We offer flexible payment terms and adapt to your billing preferences. One of the benefits of booking with LÜK is that you only receive one invoice, even if you booked models from many different agencies.

Didn’t receive your invoice? Let us know.
In order to protect our California clients from the AB5 labor law, LÜK pays talent out within the next pay period to stay in compliance with the law. LÜK’s goal is to protect our clients from any potential lawsuits resulting from labor disputes.

Learn more about AB-5 here
LÜK helps models get paid quickly and increases your chances of being booked by clients that may not work with your agency directly.
LÜK works directly with your agent to get you ‘Booked by LÜK.’ You do not need to update a profile on LÜK. LÜK does not represent any talent.
Getting ‘Booked by LÜK’ means that we worked directly with your agent to get you booked for a job!
LÜK Pay is our payment platform that offers payments in as little as 24 hours - no more waiting to get paid! Ask your agent about signing up your agency for LÜK Pay by emailing [email protected].

For Agents

LÜK brings you new job leads and gets you paid out immediately. Over 250 agencies already use LÜK.
If you’re not in our network, send over an email to [email protected]. We’ll add you to our agency list and start sending you breakdowns for any jobs that match the talent you represent.
LÜK Pay is the fastest way to get paid on all of your jobs (even if those jobs don’t originate with LÜK). To learn more, click here.
By using LÜK, you agree to not go outside of LÜK’s platform to book a job that LÜK originally introduced to you. We value our agency relationships.

Still have questions? Please email us anytime: [email protected].


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